Union-Jack wolf spider (Tasmanicosa gilberta)

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Tasmanicosa gilberta Is a species of large burrowing wolf spider found in South Australia. They construct short burrows in bushland with a palisade of leaves and other debris around the edge, and emerge at night to hunt around the burrow. They ambush passing prey, sinking their fangs into the back of the insect’s neck. They are mildly venomous but timid and very fast, handling is not recommended.

Max body length: 23mm

Native habitat: open areas, with open eucalypt woodland nearby

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5 reviews for Union-Jack wolf spider (Tasmanicosa gilberta)

  1. frumpycat (verified owner)

    Very sassy and large! I got a male originally but he didn’t survive the travel and bug frenzy was very quick to replace him for me with a very sassy and defensive female that’s in amazing shape

  2. Lisa Pritchard (verified owner)

    This spider is amazing & large but quite docile, thanks Bug Frenzy

  3. Chris Hall (verified owner)

    The Union-Jack wolf spider is a great looking spider easy to look after and eats very well

    Image #1 from Chris Hall
  4. maddy.clare.w (verified owner)

    I’ve had my Bruce for about a week now and the guy is a great eater. Any cricket I put in his enclosure is in his mouth within seconds. He is also very extroverted and rarely out of site. Thanks for the great spider, Bug Frenzy!

  5. Chris Hall (verified owner)

    Very good looking spider and very active to

    Image #1 from Chris Hall

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