Wandering ghost spider (Argoctenus sp. 3)


Just break a leg!

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Argoctenus sp. 3 is a species of Miturgid prowling spider found in SA’s northern mallee.

We have nicknamed this species ‘break-a-leg’ because their defence tactic is to break a leg off and flee. Do not be alarmed if your spider only has 7 or 6 legs, this won’t affect your spiders hunting ability and they can regrow new legs if they are juveniles through the moulting process.

This species prefers open, rocky mallee habitats with long grasses, where they hide under large white rocks and in leaf litter, where they also hunt.

Argoctenus are blazingly fast and can climb basically every surface, so be careful when opening/closing the enclosure, as they like to climb upwards. They benefit from thing such as vertical sticks (hot glues to the base of the enclosure, then covered with sand) to climb on, as they are semi arboreal (both terrestrial and arboreal) and love climbing.

This species grows to 13mm in body length.

Optional kit includes:

  • Jumperarium 2.0 Enclosure
  • Faux plant
  • Desert Sand substrate
  • Climbing accessories (Argoctenus are semi-arboreal)

sold as unsexed juveniles/sub adults (7-10mm body length)

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