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Warpaint Beach Ghost (Argoctenus sp. 7)


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These incredible spiders are members of the Prowling spider (Miturgidae) family found in SA’s mid north on salt pans bordered by shell grit plains. This species is white with a black bullet-shaped marking on the abdomen and 2 black blazes on the side of the cephalothorax. They have warpaint-like marking on the face and are very well camouflaged, they are almost invisible until they run, and they run very fast! These spiders are relatives of Wolf Spiders and have the same awesome feeding responses, when hungry these spiders will chase prey around the enclosure before brutally tackling it, often rolling themselves over due to the sheer momentum generated by the spiders rapidly moving, long legs. Unlike most wolf spider, these are day-active (diurnal) and will not bury themselves in the sand during the day. These spiders grow to 14mm in length.

Care Instructions:

These spiders require fine beach sand or very fine crushed shells to enable them to feel at home.  Keep the sand dry. We recommend our Sand Kit:

Optional Sand Kit includes:

  • White Beach Sand Substrate
  • Fake Plants
  • Scoria Water Bowl
  • Bark Hide
  • Mini Bug Box – Sideways (20cm x 12cm x 12cm)
  • *pictures may not show exact contents


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