Australian giant centipede (Ethmostimgus rubripes)

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Mainland Australia’s largest centipede species.

Locality: Flinders ranges sa

Species maximum size: 230mm

Locale maximum size: 160mm

Features: This locality displays Green-brown colouration on the body with banded tergites and yellow legs. The terminal legs may display green bands or other accents. While this locality does not attain lengths in excess of 160mm, they make up for it in a relatively calm temperament and robust build. Some specimens from the drier, northern parts of this forms’ range may be entirely light brown without banding.

E. rubripes are hardy and do well on slightly moist coco-peat substrate in a sealed container. An enclosure must have a good, tight fitting lid and should be large enough to allow the centipede to fully stretch out. You may wish to prevent the centipede from burrowing, use shallow and compacted substrate.


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Large/adult (80-140mm, Medium-large juvenile (40-80mm)

5 reviews for Australian giant centipede (Ethmostimgus rubripes)

  1. Alex Golding (verified owner)

    Really happy, fast delivery. Safely and securely packed, healthy centipede recieved.

  2. Tom (verified owner)

    Product as described, this specimen so far has spent a lot of time burrowed but arrived in good health!

  3. Wayne Ireland (verified owner)

    I was hesitant at how these guys would handle travelling in the post….. but…. They arrived in great condition and in only 3 days from SA to Central QLD…
    My young fella is super excited about his new bugs…. Bows it’s just up to us to keep them alive!!

  4. michael c. (verified owner)

    Arrived safely, can’t wait to see him grow

  5. Barry Gibbs (verified owner)

    This is my second one of these, first one escaped, to say they are notorious escape artists is a gross understatement, custom built enclosure this time and no gaps he is very happy and healthy, quite a voracious hunter as well loves his crickets fascinating to watch when out and about, wonderful addition to the collection.

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