Bark scorpion (Lychas spinatus besti)


Bark scorpions –Lychas Spinatus (Buthidae) makes interesting and active pets.


Bark scorpions-  Lychas Spinatus (Buthidae) makes excellent low maintenance pets.  These small-medium sized scorpions from semi-arid South Australia and VIC Hide under tree bark and in Mallee roots in the day, earning them the name of bark scorpion.  We feed them roaches and very small crickets.  The males are thinner and have longer tails and pectines with different shaped claws. They are a great choice for captivity as they are mobile and hardy.  They can be housed in colonies but must have enough space and hides to get away from each other if a fight breaks out.    They can be found in drier areas, so an enclosure with red desert sand (70-80%) and coco-peat (20-30%) will suffice.  In the wild, they like to climb up trees and hide in the crevices of the bark and root crevices of mallee trees.

Suitable for beginner and intermediate keepers. Quite rare to find amongst the hobbyist, but would make an excellent classroom pet.
Bark Scorpions are mildly venomous and can be quite mobile and like to run.
Feeds on small invertebrates once a week.

To prepare your enclosure, you will need:

  • A suitable enclosure with ventilation
  • A hide
  • Substrate
  • A misting bottle
  • Access to live insect food, pet shop crickets are ideal

*Habitat photo credit Mark Newton (


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