Beach Bum jumping spider (Undescribed Saitis sp5) Female

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The Beach Bum jumping spider is a medium sized species of jumping spider found on beaches around Adelaide, where they mimic sand grains and pebbles. They have been observed eating tiny black ants – about the size of a pinhead.  They do well when fed pinheads.

Then are different to the Pebble Mimicking Jumping spiders  – they have red stripey legs and lack the patterns on the abdomen. This species grows to 7mm. They like to create a silk sack, and then roll in the sand, so do not be alarmed if you can’t see your jumping spider. They tend to be more active with first daylight and early mornings, and then again late afternoons to early evening.  Please make sure you keep the sand dry at all times – read our care guide below.

This species comes in varied patterns (see photos)

Optional Kit includes:

  • Mini clearview enclosure
  • White sand substrate,
  • fake plant

– all you’ll need is pinhead crickets and keep the sand dry!

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2 reviews for Beach Bum jumping spider (Undescribed Saitis sp5) Female

  1. Jayde P. (verified owner)

    Package came on time and packed super well, my little girl came safe and sound. She is super adorable and ate for me straight away. I’m so glad I found this website will be buying again

    Video #1 from Jayde P.
  2. Saul Aldridge (verified owner)

    It drowned in its tiny drinking bowl 🙁
    BUT, believe it or not, after 10-15mins of VERY gently bouncing it on paper towel (maybe 2cm high max) I saw its head move then a leg, OMG I saved it! : )
    Took a night to get back to 100% but it’s doing well now.
    WOW Thanks Bug Frenzy!

    Image #1 from Saul Aldridge

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