Checkered Jumping Spider (Opisthoncus sp.) Juvie

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This is a large opisthoncus species with an unusual life style. Much like the similar Opisthoncus abnormis, this species is exclusively found on grass trees (Xanthorrhea) in dry eucalypt forests. Unlike O.abormis they are not nocturnal and do not fluoresce under UV but make up for it with their large size, powerful build and stunning black and white colouration.

Currently eating x-small crickets

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1 review for Checkered Jumping Spider (Opisthoncus sp.) Juvie

  1. Tara Clark (verified owner)

    My new friend arrived happy and healthy, much bigger than I thought it would be. Very comfortable with handling and has already built a nest and eaten a cricket. A gorgeous little jumper!

    Video #1 from Tara Clark

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