Devil’s coach horse (Creophilus erythrocephalus)


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Devil’s coach horses are a large member of the rove beetle family. These beetles are black in colour with bright red heads and blue elytra. These beetles are about 3-4cm long and have an elongated body similar to an earwing, underneath the elytra are a pair of wings which allow them to fly clumsily. These beetles are mainly scavengers, feeding predominantly on carrion such as roadkill or other similar rotting organic matter like mushy fruit. As a result of this they are commonly found in rubbish dumps where they appreciate rotted discarded food.

These beetles are also powerful predators and may consume live prey occasionally. They may produce a powerful odor while also appearing to mimick a scorpion, with the tail held over the head.

We recommend feeding these beetles leftovers like vegetables and meat. We find they tend to eat more after the food has been left out for a day or two.

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