D’urville’s jumping spider (Zenodorus durvillei) Captive Bred Juvie

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This medium-sized jumping spider is found on tree trunks in tropical savannah from QLD to the NT.

This spider is black with a sparse pattern of metallic lines and represents something in-between Z. metallescens, with the large amount of metallic patterns and Z. orbiculatus with very little pattern.

These jumpers grow to about 9mm in body length

Care: They are eating x-small crickets at the moment.

Enclosure: We recommend the mini bug box with jumper kit or mini clearview enclosure.

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2 reviews for D’urville’s jumping spider (Zenodorus durvillei) Captive Bred Juvie

  1. Saul Aldridge (verified owner)

    Beautiful and VERY friendly little jumper!
    Mine is quite large for a juvenile witch is cool.
    I gave it the little jumper sleeping pod I purchased, the first night it made itself a bed in the pod, EXCELLENT
    Happy and eating well.
    Thanks Bug Frenzy : )

  2. Alexandra Sutton (verified owner)

    The most friendly little spider on EARTH, I swear! Such a happy little baby and so beautiful.

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