Egyptian beetles (Blaps polychresta) with Optional Kit

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Egyptian beetles are a species of beetle found in Africa, but introduced to South Australia, but isn’t considered a pest. They are common in chicken coops and aviaries, where they eat bird and rodent droppings.

They are extremely easy to care for and long lived, however they have a horrible defensive chemical smell they emit when pestered. They are not picky about moisture, it is best to keep the enclosure dry to avoid mould.

They grow to around 6-7cm in length

For moisture they will feed on:

Fresh pieces of vegetables and fruit such as Carrot, Apple, Pumpkin, Lettuce, Zucchini, Sweet potato, Swede, Grape, etc.

Water crystals

Dry food such as:

  • Tropical fish flakes (Mix about 50/50 with rolled oats)
  • Crushed dry dog food (Not cat food, too high in protein)
  • Cooked rice (Use in conjuncture with a high-protein food such as fish flakes, dog food or darkling beetle food)
  • Darkling beetle food available on request

Food should be offered in a small dish.

Optional Kit includes

  • 2 x Egyptian Beetles
  • Enclosure (see picture gallery)
  • Cocopeat substrate
  • Bark Hide
  • Rolled Oats


1 review for Egyptian beetles (Blaps polychresta) with Optional Kit

  1. jacob m. (verified owner)

    absolutely gorgeous, very active as well. they’ve already started mating and it hasn’t even been a week lol

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