Rainbow Tree Beetle (Chalcopteroides sp. 1)


Beautiful and easy to care for beetles!


These beautiful darkling beetles are found on the bark of trees in drier areas of Australia, particularly mallee. They are iridescent and depending on the lighting will change colour.

These beetles do not bite and can be handled however they do have an unpleasant defensive odour they release when pestered.

They are super easy to care for and we have prepared a special dry food for darkling beetles that meet all their nutritional needs, all they need is a source of water. Fresh fruit and vegetables can be used or polymer water crystals that just need to be soaked in water (You can add a small amount of organic, no-sugar-added apple juice aswell) for a few hours and they go from about 2mm long to about 1cm in length and full of water. Housing is simple, just a smallish container, very slightly moist substrate, some ventilation, a bark hide and a small bottle cap to put a pinch of food within.

They can be kept communal.


If you want to order more than one but still have food or food & water, order 1x option with supplies and then however many more “none” to get more beetles.

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