False Tarantula (Aname comosa)

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Grand entrance burrows!

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These are large Wishbone spiders found in SA’s Roxby Downs region where they inhabit sandy soils.

What is very interesting about them is their burrow. The entrance is very large, about 6-7cm in diameter and constructed of excavated soil, debris and then cemented with silk. We initially thought they were home to tarantulas but it was these instead, hence the name.

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2 reviews for False Tarantula (Aname comosa)

  1. Chris Hall (verified owner)

    False tarantula is a very beautiful and very defensive spider I would definitely recommend

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  2. Cassandra Longley (verified owner)

    My first wishbone spider! Arrived safe and sound and the little one was very keen for a feed once settled. Great colouring too, I love the red tinge. Very happy with my order!

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