Robust Wishbone Spider (Aname sp. 9)


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This species of Anamid wishbone spider is found in sandy eucalyptus woodland north of Adelaide, SA. It is closely related to Aname sp. 7 but is a fair bit larger. Interestingly, they are quite dark spiders despite both living on white substrate, with sp. 7 being found on white clay adjacent to mangroves and sp. 9 being found on light coloured sand. The abdomen has faint striping underneath the hairs and in the sun the cephalothorax and legs shine extremely brightly, often a colour similar to 12 karat gold. They have very interesting burrows, from the entrance, the burrow goes horizontal for 5-10cm and then straight down for another 30cm. The chelicerae are very robust and don’t project forwards as much as some other wishbone spider such as Aname sp. 2 and 3. This species is also quite slow and timid, although some juveniles can be defensive which is typical of Aname.

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