Feather-legged tarantula (Selenotypus plumipes) juveniles


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Feather-legged tarantulas (Selenotypus) are medium-sized tarantulas found in dry scrubland in tropical north-east Australia. Compared to larger species such as those of the genus Phlogius, they are found in drier environments and due to that construct deeper burrows and use less silk webbing around the entrance. This particular species is found in northern Queensland and grows to 70mm in body length and 130mm in legspan. “Plumipes” refers to the thick hairs on this species legs that form as the spider matures.

Adult tarantulas are very heavy and are therefore very prone to damage from falling. Do not handle them at all, even a small fall will kill them. Ensure the enclosure’s substrate is over 3/4 of the container to ensure if the tarantula climbs to the lid and falls it doesn’t damage itself.

The large book lungs on these spiders leave them vulnerable to desiccation, so the enclosure must be humid and have somewhat moist substrate.

These juveniles are captive bred and have been raised for several years. They are about 15-20mm in body length and up to 40mm in legspan

QLD Residents:
Please note, from 22 August 2020, you will need a licence to buy, keep, and sell protected scorpions (Urodacus sp)  or spiders (tarantulas), with some limited exceptions.  You can read more here about licence requirements: https://www.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0021/134373/keeping-protected-scorpians-spiders.pdf

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