Feather-legged tarantula (Selenotypus sp. Banana)

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Selenotypus is a genus of Australian Tarantulas. They are generally small in size, robust and slower growing than Phlogius and Cormiocnemis.

This species is from central-south Queensland. They are named after the town they come from and not because they are yellow in colouration.

Selenotypus Tarantulas are generally most diverse in the semi-arid savannah areas of northern Queensland

WARNING : Tarantulas have tarsal claws and scopula pads and can climb plastic and glass, be careful.

Optional kit includes

  • mini clearview enclosure
  • Tarantula substrate
  • faux plants

QLD Residents:
Please note, from 22 August 2020, you will need a licence to buy, keep, and sell protected scorpions (Urodacus sp)  or spiders (tarantulas), with some limited exceptions.  You can read more here about licence requirements: https://www.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0021/134373/keeping-protected-scorpians-spiders.pdf



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