Giant ground spider (Gnaphosidae sp.)

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Cool, rare spider!



This species of Gnaphosid ground spider is found on trees, like nearly half of all Gnaphosid species ironically.

This is a very large species by comparison to others, growing to 15mm in body length. This species resembles Lamponids (White-tailed spiders) and was initially mistaken for such. This species makes large, extremely dense sacs under tree bark in the Mt Lofty ranges, favouring gum trees.

Both Gnaphosids and Lamponids are mildly venomous, but urban legend has it that Lamponid bites result in necrotic lesions that return on the biteversary. This has been proved false numerous times however people still believe this and spread misinformation.

Optional kit includes:

  • Jumperarium enclosure
    Crumbled leaf litter
    Bark flakes
  • Clay based substrate
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Fake plants

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