Giant Sand Scorpion (Urodacus sp.) female

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This is an extremely large scorpion species found in dry, sandy heathland in south-western WA. These scorpions have a very ‘squat’ build and a clay yellow colour, similar to U.yaschenkoi. Also similar to U.yaschenkoi these scorpions construct deep spiral burrows in open sandy ground. Males are more elongate than females.

These scorpions are absolutely massive and are one of Australia’s largest species, with females being even larger than the much more commonly sold flinders ranges scorpion.

These scorpions do appreciate a deep false bottom setup but can be housed in a sealed setup with some slightly moist sand or peat as this simulates the conditions found in the bottom of their deep burrows.

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1 review for Giant Sand Scorpion (Urodacus sp.) female

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