Giant wishbone spider (Aname sp. 1)

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Giant wishbone spiders are brutal feeders!



The giant wishbone spider is a species of Anamid trapdoor/wishbone spider in the genus Aname and found in the SA mallee in large, open, silk covered burrows. This species grows to a max body length of 6cm and is extremely defensive!  So much so, that when you go near a spider out of it’s burrow, it will stand on his hind legs in the defence posture and repeatedly strike the air –  sometimes so hard they fall over!  They are great eaters and almost never refuse food.

Optional Kit includes:

  •  “Spy-Cylinder burrowing spider enclosure”.  Made from glass – spying on your spider has never been easier…  It has a clear perspex lid with ventilation holes, rubber seal, and comes with 4 pads to attach to the bottom so that you do not scratch your enclosure or the shelf you are putting it on.
  • The dimensions are : 17cm tall x 10cm wide
  • 1Kg Clay substrate
These spiders are mildly venomous but extremely defensive and have very long fangs, take caution!

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2 reviews for Giant wishbone spider (Aname sp. 1)

  1. OLLY (verified owner)

    Very active and defensive as be warned. Absolutely beautiful with red and black colours. Great size. Not as big as my adult Tarantulas, but still massive. Highly recommended Bug Frenzy 😁

  2. Chris Hall (verified owner)

    Very nice and very defensive

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