Golden wishbone spider (Proshermacha sp. Williamstown)


Golden wishbone spiders are fast and angry!

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These beautiful representatives of the Wishbone spider family (Anamidae) come from the Mt. Lofty ranges in SA. These are particularly defensive and quick even for wishbone spiders. The entire body is covered in metallic (scintillating) hairs and there are some faint spots on the abdomen, the abdomen can also look blue-purple when viewed from behind. Proshermacha have extremely unusual burrow structures, from the entrance the shaft extends about 8cm into the ground, then sharply turns, carries on for another 5cm or so horizontally and then terminates in a very large, circular and spacious living chamber. The burrows are therefore extremely short, we’re not sure how they cope on hot summer days. This species is medium-large sized, reaching 75mm Diagonal Leg Span and 35mm body length. We find this species to be amazing feeders, they often sit near the entrance even in the day. The fangs are extremely powerful, even though the venom is somewhat weak, the fangs themselves will turn the cricket into pulp in a matter of seconds.

This species can be found in soft sandy soils north of Adelaide, SA, and is generally quite similar to the other golden Proshermacha species such as sp. 3, but is more robust and generally a darker, sometimes reddish golden colour as opposed to the bright metallic yellow of sp. 3.

These spiders are mildly venomous but extremely defensive and fast, and have very long fangs, take caution!

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