Mimetic Gumleaf Grasshopper (Goniaea opalomoides) nymph


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Gumleaf grasshoppers are large grasshoppers found across australia, with G. australasiae being the most widespread and the largest. They feed solely on Eucalyptus leaves and during the day they lie on the ground imitating one until disturbed, adults will jump and glide away while nymphs will jump into cover such as long grass or leaf litter and remain still for at least a few minutes. At night they climb up the trees to feed on the foliage. They are peaceful with other herbivores and can be housed with stick insects. This species is probably the smallest and most slender of them all, resembling a thinner gum leaf when adult than others. Adults are highly variable in colour and can be brown, tan, dark brown, dark red, yellow and even a pastel pink occasionally. They will often have neon blue tibia on the large jumping legs. This species in particular (at least as nymphs) seem to be particularly friendly, they can be handled with relative ease but when spooked will jump a remarkably long distance and adults can also fly.


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