Neighbours – The Antlion Edition

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Antlions are larvae of various species of lacewings in the family Myrleonidae (in latin this literally means “ant lion”). They dig conical pits in sandy soils to capture passing prey (usually small ants) which they suck out and then leaves the empty husk outside the burrow. Adult ant lions are rarely seen and not much is known about their habits, but they are predatory and look like a cross between a moth and a dragonfly. They lay eggs in moist sand which will hatch into ant lions and the cycle repeats itself.

These antlions are sold in pairs (when you get the kit) so that when the adult ecllose (emerge from the pupal case) they can be fed fruit flies and paired. Then provided with a small tub of moist sand, they will lay eggs that will hatch into antlions .

Optional Kit includes:

  • The Antlion Neighbour Enclosure (measurements)
  • Two Antlions
  • Remember: You will need access to small black ants for food!

*when no kit is selected you will receive one antlion.

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1 review for Neighbours – The Antlion Edition

  1. Mrs Janelle Went (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and great packaging only thing could have been done better is possibly an information of the feeding requirements

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