Pygmy Rainforest tarantula (Coremiocnemis tropix) Slings

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These small tarantulas are found in northern Queensland, in rainforest or scrub habitat, where they construct short burrows with lots of webbing. They grow to about 3cm in length. They are currently feeding on pinhead crickets

They need moist substrate and some fake plants as webbing anchors. Ventilation holes do not help them. Feed a cricket 1/2 to 1/3 the spiders body length once a week.

Optional kit includes:

  • Coco-peat substrate
  • Mini Clear View Enclosure

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3 reviews for Pygmy Rainforest tarantula (Coremiocnemis tropix) Slings

  1. josh anderson (verified owner)

  2. Rachael (verified owner)

    Love how big this guy is, eats well and has webbed up his enclosure all ready 😄

  3. Joshua B. (verified owner)

    Beautiful little sling. It was larger than I expected so that was a bonus 😊👍
    Overnight it had webbed up a little burrow amongst a bit of sphagnum moss in its new enclosure. When it was happy and settled I fed it 3 pinheads and it smashed them all in a matter of minutes. Very happy with my new little tarantula.

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