Red-Thighed Wolf Spider (Undescribed genus) juvies

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Ruby red thighs is my super power!

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These stunning, medium-sized wolf spiders from coastal salt marsh dominated by saltbushes in SA’s mid north have a near-patternless dark grey colour on top and bright red “thighs” on the first 2 pairs of legs and fangs.

At first we thought this must be used for defence, being displayed in a threat display but we quickly found out that these wolf spiders are the most passive we’ve ever seen.

*Sold as juvies*

They can be found at night underneath saltbushes and when discovered will cover themselves with loose salty, clay-sand. Adults grow to 17-20mm in length.

2 reviews for Red-Thighed Wolf Spider (Undescribed genus) juvies

  1. Priscilla Jessop (verified owner)

    Healthy spider, great condition and good size. Packaged excellent

  2. Michalina (verified owner)

    Way bigger than I expected and unfortunately I cannot see any red on mine, but nontheless beautiful animal. Very active, immediately hunted down a cricket. Loves to climb around the enclosure. 🕷️

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