Small Striped Prowling spider (Miturga sp. 5)

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This is yet another prowler form the Barossa Valley, yet this time very small, unlike the massive beasts that are Sp. 4 and Sp. 1. Adult females are a cute 12mm in length and like all prowlers, very fast! This species only makes a small “web” unlike Sp. 1 and is more of. wandering hunter. They’re always hungry and whenever food is provided they jump on it just like a wolf spider! Prowling spiders (Miturgidae) differ from wolf spiders in their eye pattern – Mitrugids have 2 equal rows of 8 small, evenly-sized eyes while Lycosids have 2 very large eyes at the front and sides of the head, along with 4 smaller ones below the large main eyes at the front, though Mitrugids and Lycosids are loosely related.


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