Social Huntsman (Delena cancerides)


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Social huntsmans are one of Australia’s most common and widespread huntsman species, found from south of Geraldton, WA, down the coast and up to about Brisbane, Queensland.

In the wild they are occasionally found in semi-social colonies of up to 300 spiders, often a large female matriarch with numerous offspring and previous clutches. They will share food to a degree but once spiders start to mature they are kicked out of the colony. Although often they are just found on their own, like other huntsmans. Many innocent people have been rained on by 100+ huntsman spiders when they pulled a large piece of bark partially sealed with silk at the edges off a tree. Like most huntsmans, D. cancerides is hardy in captivity.

Delena cancerides are quite variable in appearance, some have a darker carapace and some have more pattern on the abdomen but all have those little black boots.

Social huntsman grow up to 150mm in legspan, making them a medium-large species.

Optional Kit Includes:

  • 30cm x 30cm x 30cm Mesh and Spray bottle

*sold as medium juveniles – adults

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