Spiny rainforest katydid (Phricta spinosa) nymphs

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These extremely large katydids are found in the rainforests of FNQ, where they spend their days sitting on mossy tree trunks, using their green colour and unusual appearance to camouflage. These katydids when fully grown are larger than a person’s palm and develop large wings. They are mostly herbivores, feeding on leaves and fruit. This includes fruit tree leaves like apple and pear, rose leaves, palm leaves and a wide range of other plants like Eucalyptus. They also love fruit like mango and banana and this should be used as a supplement along with oats or fish flakes. They may also occasionally appreciate a treat of a dead insect like a cricket but will not eat live prey.

These katydids can jump large distances and have strong spines along their body. They are fairly calm but have a habit of biting your fingers even when unprovoked which can hurt in larger individuals so we recommend handling them carefully.

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1 review for Spiny rainforest katydid (Phricta spinosa) nymphs

  1. Shareen (verified owner)

    Absolutely love them too pieces look forward to growing up

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