Striped peacock spider (Jotus sp. 1)

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He is stripey and cute, and he dances!

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This species of Jotus peacock spider doesn’t dance like most peacocks in the genus Maratus, instead they put the end of their leg over the edge of a leaf and wiggle it to attract the female. They do this multiple times. These spiders even dance when there’s no females, so you don’t need a female to make him dance.

We recommend the mini bug box with side door and jumper kit selected or The cube with jumper kit selected, or the mini clearview enclosure with spider kit selected.

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1 review for Striped peacock spider (Jotus sp. 1)

  1. Jordan Smith (verified owner)

    Very active and curious fella. Decent size for a peacock and never turns down a meal. His little waving front legs are also super cute.

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