Sunburst wolf spider (Tasmanicosa harmsi) adults

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“Sunburst” wolf spiders are found in short burrows in SA’s northern mallee. They are around 24mm in body length and display a vibrant reddish-brown as the main colour, with many other colours and patterns mixed through. this is more apparent in juveniles.

Wolf spiders are great feeders and often end up looking distended in the body. One of our Venatrix penola ate 7 crickets at once, and then another 2 the next day! Wolf spiders are very fast and skittish and unlikely to bite, however we do not recommend handling Lycosids as they stress easily and have a painful bite. When hungry, sunbursts will dart in and out of their burrow trying to catch the crickets walking past, it can be quite entertaining to watch them miss the crickets passing by their burrow.

Sold as adult females.


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