32-spotted katydid (Ephippitytha trigintiduogutatta)


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While these katydids are very large (~10cm) and intimidating, they are rather slow moving and can not really harm people. They do have sharp, but small spines on the legs that if seriously annoyed can kick with and powerful jaws, but being Phaneropterine herbivorous katydids, they have small mouths and are timid.

These katydids feed on eucalyptus leaves, and can be safely housed with other eucalyptus-feeding katydids like Caedicia and Torbia sp., Stick insects (however they will scavenge the bodies of dead stick insects, they will however not preen them), Gum-leaf grasshoppers and other herbivorous insects.

This species is found from southern-central queensland down the coast to northern Adelaide, however they are much more common up north. They are found in coastal eucalypt forests, where they dwell high up in the trees and feed at night.

These katydids are ideal for classrooms as they add more variety to otherwise common and “lame” spiny leaf insects.

Females lay small, black, disc-shaped eggs and glue them to sticks and branches (occasionally leaves) in the wild, however in captivity they often glue them to the mesh enclosure walls.

Simply cut some fresh eucalyptus leaves (make sure there are no nasties like ants on them) and stick them in a vase or container of water to keep them fresh and wallah! Mist spray the enclosure once or twice a day. replace when going dry or mostly eaten, as these katydids have a big appetite.

These katydids can be handled but can jump or fly away without warning.

To use Katydid food, offer in a small dish like a bottle cap (although something wider and flatter would be better) and place it carefully among the branches of the eucalyptus foliage, so that it is at a level where the katydids can access it. This is a supplement only and shouldn’t be used as a sole diet for strictly herbivorous katydids. Unlike most katydids, this species and a few others of the subfamily Phaneropterinae will not eat dead insects, almost all others will, however.


Optional kit includes:

  • A Pop-up Mesh enclosure (30x30cm)
  • a spray/misting bottle

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