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Giant Savannah Scorpion (Lychas lappa) CB babies


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This is Australia’s largest Buthid scorpion and possibly the largest Lychas species in the world, reaching up to 90mm in length. These huge scorpions inhabit a small area of inland FNQ where they prefer savannah habitat. These scorpions are known to prey on tarantulas (Selenotypus species) and once they have consumed the tarantula they will use the tarantulas burrow as their own. These scorpions are quite timid and calm but can be very fast or defensive at times and have very painful venom so handling is not recommended.

Care for these scorpions is tricky and you must ensure their enclosure does not become too dry or too wet, in which case they may desiccate or develop mycosis (a fungal infection). We recommended a largish sized enclosure with one corner being moist at all times and the rest of the enclosure being very dry with lots of bark and leaflitter.

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