Giant White Tiger Wolf spider (Hoggicosa natashae) Juvie

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Hoggicosa natashae is possibly Australias very largest wolf spider, reaching body lengths of 35mm and diagonal legspan of ~80mm. Initially we thought that Hoggicosa castanea was the largest Wolf Spider, but this species dwarves castanea, coming in at an estimate of ~30% larger. Both of these spiders create lidded burrows however while H. castanea can be found in arid, semi-arid and a few mesic areas H. natashae is only found in arid central SA. These spiders have medium-thickness lids in sandy clay soilds in depressions in the landscape (swale) with plants such as saltbush. Small juveniles of this species are a rich tan colour with faint swirling patterns while older juveniles are as picured. Adult males are not known but as with other Hoggicosa they are expected to be signifcantly smaller than females, leggy and plain brown. Adult females have less white patterns on the abdomen as sub-adults (pictured) and have longer legs.

They are burrowers so will need an enclosure at least 14cm tall with a fair bit of floor space, adults will need big enclosures. The substrate should be slightly moist red desert sand, sprinkle some dry clay on top to help with lid construction. They may take a few weeks to settle in, provide a starter burrow.

*sold as juveniles*

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2 reviews for Giant White Tiger Wolf spider (Hoggicosa natashae) Juvie

  1. Nub (verified owner)

    Arrived safely, well packed, healthy and lively! Will buy again!

    Image #1 from Nub
    Image #2 from Nub
  2. Nub (verified owner)

    3 weeks later, and look at her progress! She made a trapdoor!!!

    Image #1 from Nub
    Image #2 from Nub
    Image #3 from Nub

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