Horned Bark Mantis (Gyromantis kraussi)

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A rare and variable species found on the trunks of trees in WA. They are generally grey with subtle highlights of varying colours, the one in the photo has brown highlights but there are individuals with darker grey highlights, white, red, yellow etc. They are medium-sized and quit fast moving. They are a particularly friendly species and also do this strange dance with their arms in a peculiar pattern consisting of flexes.

Overall a good choice for beginners, they are named for the 2 horn-like spines sited behind their eyes. We recommend an airy enclosure with a rough, vertical piece of bark. We find acacia bark works well due to the dark colour and texture. Adults and juveniles of both sexes are very similar to each other and lack wings.

Optional Kit includes :

  • Mini Bug Box with Side Door (20x12x12)
  • Substrate, Bark and fake plant
  • Misting Bottle

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1 review for Horned Bark Mantis (Gyromantis kraussi)

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