Long-Legged Trapdoor spider (Arbanitis longipes)


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These trapdoor spider build open holes in the Brisbane area. The genus Arbanitis is extremely diverse with an estimated species count over 400. Arbanitis build basically every type of burrow possible, some species like A. gracilis build trapdoors, some build reversed trapdoors, some have open holes, some have palisades about 5cm tall with thick or thin lids, some have open tubes that extend 20+ cm above the ground etc. These spiders prefer moist substrate, our clay based substrate is ideal and holds burrows very well.

Trapdoor spiders are very slow growing and may take up to 10 years to mature, but kept warm enough should mature in half that. Trapdoor spiders can live past 40 years, one western Australian species lived for about 44 years before being killed by a predatory wasp.


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