White-kneed king cricket (Penalva flavocalceata)

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This is an extremely large and aggressive species of king cricket found in tropical north Queensland in rainforest habitats. They hide under objects during the day and come out at night to wander on the rainforest floor. They are omnivores and will eat anything they come across from seeds, fruit and other invertebrates. These crickets can jump up to a metre vertically and can deliver an extremely painful bite and are not suitable for handling. House these crickets individually in large plastic tubs with a little bit of ventilaiton. Ensure to feed them a varied diet of fruit, vegetables and high protein food like dog/cat food and live or dead insects.

sold as adult males or females

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1 review for White-kneed king cricket (Penalva flavocalceata)

  1. Graeme C. (verified owner)

    Jimny settled in really well. Very active and a VERY big bug

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