Palisade Spiny Trapdoor Spider (Cataxia sp. “Missing Link”) Captive Bred Juveniles

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Stripey Purple Bum!


This remarkable species of Spiny Trapdoor Spider (Cataxia) is found in sandy areas of SA’s Adelaide plains. This species probably represents the missing like between the South-West WA bolganupensis species group and the Cataxia from the eastern states. Before the discovery of this species, Cataxia was not known from SA.

They arrange grass stems and sticks in a radial fashion around the burrow entrance, which can be as deep as 70cm in places. These are small trapdoors, growing to about 20mm in length. They have orange areas on the legs and the abdomen is purple-hued and striped.

Care: They will need white sand substrate kept moist (not wet) for burrowing. A starter hole can be provided.  Once a week they will need a pinhead cricket.  They can be kept communal.

Optional Kit includes:

  • Mini Clearview Enclosure
  • White Sand
  • Fake Plant

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2 reviews for Palisade Spiny Trapdoor Spider (Cataxia sp. “Missing Link”) Captive Bred Juveniles

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  2. Cassandra Longley (verified owner)

    So tiny!! Really appreciate the bonus pinhead crickets as the crickets I get locally would be too big. Great kit too. I can’t wait to watch this little one grow up!

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